Sunday, July 12, 2009

Leah is getting to where she loves to go swimming all the time. Leah just started to go down the slide and jumping off the diving board.

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  1. Hello! You have a beautiful family! I came across your blog via the New Hope Blog.

    Any chance you would consider adopting again? We brought home our daughter, Maia, from Jiangsu(Xuzhou) in May 2009. A few of the moms are addicted to advocating for children waiting for families in Xuzhou. There is a very special boy we are all hoping finds his family soon. If you or anyone you know is hoping for a baby boy(just turned two) who has a zest for life, is funny, happy, and an 'orphanage favorite' please direct them to my blog, which has a link to many waiting XuZhou children, including 'Dillon'. Also, many families have met and played with him so they have a first-hand knowledge of his cuteness, intellegence(he is quite smart), and sociability---he is the center of attention in social situations!

    If you can help in any way, we would all apprciate it as he has stolen many hearts...

    All the best,