Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Good Morning - It is Wednesday morning we just finished our breakfast, sorted the clothes to see what we need washed to get us through 3 more days. Hannah and Leah are laying on the floor doing a puzzle and James is glued to the TV. Luckily this time, all the hotels had at least one American movie channel. We have watched so many 5 yr old "B" movies from Doc Holiday to Mummy Returns, and then lets add in The Epic Movie, but we are thankful, it helped make the evenings enjoyable, specially when we added the carpet picnics.

Last night we went to the Italian resturant. When we got there we saw the family from New Jersey that we had met our first day here. You got the feeling by seeing the smiles on their faces the food was pretty close to the real stuff. We ordered the ravioli and spaghetti along with two salads (our cravings for green leafy things got the best of Hannah and I). Well, let me tell you it sure was worth it and brought big smiles to all of the Ayers family. Leah has proven to be such the little eater. We have found out that just like Hannah and James, anything with noodles is a hit, but like James, without cheese is better.

On the way home from the resturant, Jeff was ahead of the kids and I pushing Leah in the stroller. He started singing a silly song and Leah would echo him with "Babba Blue" and "Babba Cuckcoo" and then she would laugh the truest deepest belly laugh I have ever heard. Smiles would erupted on all the locals faces as they passed by us on the street.

For our tour of the day, we went to a beautiful garden park in the city earlier in the day. It was located on the side of one of the biggest hills in the city. When you were in the garden you lost sight of the fact that you were still smack in the middle of a major metropolitan area. It was a combination of gardens at Disney, Cypress Garden and the Dallas Arboretum. The clock on the side of the hill was actually Mickey Mouse and the glass green house building reminded one of something you would see in the states. James got the chance to be a real Chinese drummer and ace photographer since he was manning the camera.

Well we are off to try and find Leah a Chinese outfit for the infamous red couch picture in the White Swan. For those of you who have no idea what I am talking about. There are red velvet couches in the 1st floor lounge area of the hotel. It has become tradition that the children from your adoption group get their pictures taken in traditional Chinese clothing. We have tried to find Leah a dress, but unfortunately her little "Buddha" belly doesn't fit in the slim little girl dresses, so we are going to have to think outside the box.


  1. I love the stories! Good Luck with the dress! :o)

  2. Hey guys ( :
    The pictures are GREAT! It looks like y'all are having the time of your life. I'm Counting down the days till I get to see all of you!

  3. Ok Kim, the tree have a pungent scent or was it my stinky nephew ;0)!

  4. I am so excited that Leah is with her family. I had the privilege of being her English tutor when I was at the foster home last April. That time with her was priceless and the best part of my time there! She is such a wise little girl (such a strange thing to say about a child, but it is so true). Her personality and laughter are contagious!