Friday, March 27, 2009

Yeah! We are finally done with the second leg of our journey. We fly out in a few hours to Guangzhou where we will finish up Leah's visa so she can enter the US. Nanchang has been nice but we are ready to start the final process of the trip. What we remember of the White Swan it will be nice to be in a hotel full of parents speaking English and the playroom along with the western food.

Leah is excited about the airplane ride but we are wondering what is going on in her head, for she did ask our guide yesterday when do we get "home", so she is tired of the cramped quarters too. During our shopping excursion yesterday in the rain, by the way it has been raining her for two days straight. We decided Leah is a pastel girl, for we were trying to find one more outfit for her and after we finally decided on the correct size with the help of three nice sales ladies and many hand gestures to signify bigger or smaller we came away with gray leggings a mint green top. I believe her favorite new item to her wardrobe is her black swing jacket I brought from the states, she really wants to wear it each day. I think it is because it has 3/4 sleeves, so it truly fits her in the arms. During our shopping trip w/out guide yesterday, I believe our guide thought we were nuts since we were willing to do it on our own and in the rain. She had a hard time understanding walking in the rain was better than staying put in the cramped hotel room.

Since I only have 3 minutes before the Bellman gets the luggage I will end now and send pictures later when we get checked into the next hotel.

The count down is on - 7 more days!

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  1. A change of scenery will be great. Can't wait to hear what Miss Leah thought about the airplane ride. It's cold and rainy here again too. I hope the weather is better in Guangzhou for you guys. I love the pictures you sent Hannah and I'm going to post them on Facebook to show them off! I love you all!