Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Well we have had Leah Hope for three days now, and even though she is playing possum much of the time we can tell she knows what we are saying to her. We all keep trying to get her to use her words but just like a toddler you can understand very quickly what she is telling us in her Mandarin. She loves to color and is the most neat and tidiest child I have ever known. She truly loves to fold clothes and put them away. She tells Baba each and everytime he comes into the room that he is suppose to take his shoes off and then she places them with all the other shoes she has rounded up into her "shoe parking lot". We had warned Hannah that she now is going to have a little maid in her room that is going to keep her organized whether she wants to or not.

When we were walking out of a very nice resturant yesterday we were approached by a old lady who had a tin cup and was asking for money. Jeff and I both said the Chinese word for no, but she kept following us so Jeff asked Leah for another word in Chinese that meant no and what does our precious daughter do, but walk up to the old lady and scream "NO" to her. Well I guess the "NO" is universal. Yesterday the hotel asked us to change rooms for some maintenance issues. So the Ayers family had to do the fire drill packing up of all our belongings. Leah thought it was all fun so she kept laughing through the whole ordeal, she was only worried when we were packing up her drawer of clothes, she wanted to make sure that we got it all. Then when we arrived into the new room, the laundry was delivered at the same time, Leah made sure that all of her clothes that she had brought with her were accounted for and today she was happy to put her favorite dress on again. As for food she has a unique habit of if she does not recognize the food she sniffs it and then makes her decision. For the most part she is not a picky eater and loves her Chinese cabbage, congee and noodles. So hopefully they have instant congee in the Asian markets that are in Plano now and spagehtti/macaroni & cheese can replace rice noodles.

After our outing to the zoo yesterday, Momma and Babba were ready for a nap, along with Hannah and James, however Leah is like the Eveready Bunny she keeps on going until around 9pm at night when we have been saying it is time for bed, she gets in her bed and withing less than 5 minutes she is out for the night. She now loves to jump into bed with us and the kids when morning comes around. Hannah is worried that she will be jumping into bed with her every morning when we get back home since they are sharing a room. Hopefully Leah will learn quickly that big sister can be very grumpy in the morning if woken up too early and that it is James who is the early riser in our family.

Today we are going to explore around Nanchang and see what we can shop for. Mainly to get our of the room and to make the long trek to McDonalds or KFC - for we are all getting tired of the cuisine and would pay many rmbs for some Mexican or Italian food and I could really use a good cup of coffee.


  1. Leah, is that a tiger you were riding? It looks like you were having fun. We can't wait until you get home and you can come to our house for an Easter egg hunt. We love you!

  2. What a busy day! I love the part about screaming 'NO!'