Thursday, March 26, 2009

On Thursday spent the morning treking down the "Walking Mall" to the end where McDonalds resides. The mall consisted of outdoor shops that were mainly clothing, jewlery and electronics. The sales staff stands at the open doorways of the shops and chants, claps or shouts things to intice you into their shops. As for clothing styles here the shops appeared to mainly be catering to the younger twenty crowds. There were a few women and men shops that sold business attire. The children's shops could have easily fit into NorthPark with their unique cute expensive items. Not quite sure who buys them here for the majority of the children seen on the street appear to be in clothing that we have not seen the corresponding shops for. Hannah even found a dress for 40 rmb.

When we finally reached the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Leah and I learned the quick rules of bathroom line standing by three older women at McDonalds. Leah had to go potty and when we finally located the restrooms upstairs of McDonalds I automatically tried to walk into the room that I thought held the toilets, disregarding the three women mingling around the sinks. Well all three started shouting at me and by their tones I could tell I had done something totally wrong. So we backed up and waited patiently behind them. But then more came in and I had to do the correct hold your ground body posture or we would of kept falling further and further back in the line. When we finally reached the room, one quickly realizes why the door stays closed, for the women come out half undressed of the stalls and finish dressing in the middle of the room. Well after what seemed like forever, we finally succeed in completing our tasks. Then downstairs we went and ate our lunch. Let me tell you after your trips to China I believe my entire family can tell you we will not be eating at McDonalds or KFC again for at least 6 months when we get back to the States.

Earlier in the day we went out to shop for china, for the province that we are in is the known for their fine made porcelain and china. Jeff was happy to find out the shop owners would barter so we ended up walking away with quite a few things and spent very little US dollars. We even were given a free set of 8 chopsticks since we were such good customers.

Last night we introduced Leah to pizza, at least we think we did. We had heard rumors of a Pizza Hut but after much discussion with the conceirge Jeff had no luck into finding out where it was, all she kept saying was that the resturant downstairs would fix us pizzas. So we relented to our dream of American pizza and ordered it from the hotel resturant. Well the first bit was not what your tastebuds were expecting but after a few more bites it did grow on you. Now Leah at one piece and then like James use to do started not liking it. For some reason, cheese is not a staple in China like it is in the States and even today James is not cheese lover but has gotten use to it on certain items.

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