Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Now it is James’ turn for a blog. Today is Tuesday March 24th. First of all I want to say hello to my classmates in Mrs. Simon’s third grade class. My mom showed me the e-mail from Mrs. Simon that said you had all seen the blog and wanted to tell your parents about. That’s neat. We went to the Nanchang City zoo today. We say many Chinese animals that I have never seen before. They even had a leopard which I took a picture of. My favorite animal was the tiger that was lying in his cage. While we were in Beijing we went to the Panda House part of that zoo, and saw many panda bears. They liked to climb up on their fort and walked around outside in front of us while we were waiting for our group to rejoin us.

When we were in Lanfang to see my friend Paul, who I grew up with in my old foster home we rented a house which thought was neat and I told my parents someday I would like to live there. Paul and I played on the trampoline, went to the park and played like we were in Narnia which is Paul’s favorite story right now. We also went out to eat at a restaurant right next door to the police station. My mom took a picture of me there.

Yesterday when we were visiting all the government offices to process Leah paperwork, we even had to visit another police station and everyone was saying they were taking me there, but it was just for Leah’s pictures. At first Leah was shy but now she is starting to like me. I am teaching her how to play computer games on the internet. We are lucky to have internet in the hotel, so we play it a lot. We are also very lucky that I now have a special little sister named Leah.

Zàijiàn (再见) - Goodbye


  1. Awesome job James Peyton. You didn't see any monkeys at the zoo that resembled your daddy did you? ;0) Leah might not realize it yet, but she is very lucky and blessed to have a special big brother named James and a special big sister named Hannah. We love you all very much!

  2. Oh darling James, we are so happy to hear all about this fun time you are having. I liked hearing all about Paul. How special to see him, I like pandas too...We love you, Jason, Krista, Ella and Mara